Kiwi Instant Polish Brown 73 ml (1 Bottle with Sponge Applicator)

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Kiwi Shoe Polish is a high gloss, Brown polish with premium wax formula that ensures a strong and deep shine, removing fillers and scratches effectively.

Made in USA
Polish shoe shine, nourish and protect your shoes.
It has a unique, 2 layers of sponge with controlled dose of long duration for easy application.
Restores color to badly damaged and scuffed shoes.
Shake well Flex sponge over shoes and even as the liquid flows in.

Temperature Indicator Shelf Stable

1. Shake well with cap on.

2. Shoes must be clean and dry.

3. Invert bottle and gently press applicator against shoe to release product.

4. Spread polish evenly and allow to dry to a shine.

5. Rinse applicator with water after use and blot dry to keep foam soft. Replace cap.

If spilled, clean up before drying. Gently dab spill with a dry cloth, then wipe with damp cloth.
 Kiwi ® Leather Instant Wax Shine. Quick, easy high gloss shine. Brown. (73 ml).
Instant no-buff shine. Water resistant.

Note: not for use on suede or fabric. 
Quick, easy high gloss shine. Water resistant. A high quality product.
Length:   3.81 cm
Height:   14.11 cm
Width:    5.3 cm

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