Old Spice 2in1 Shampoo + Deodorant + Beard Balm + Hair Pomade (4 Pcs)

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Old Spice
SKU: 11296

Barcode: 012044031353

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Product details:

Shampoo+Conditioner, Beard Balm, Deodorant and Hair Pomade

Brand: Old Spice

Unit: Set

Number of Pieces: 4

Use: Hair

Formulation: Shampoo+Conditioner, Beard Balm, Deodorant and Pomade

Gender: Male

Origin: U.S.A

Product Description:

  • 2in1 Shampoo+Conditioner 355ml
  • Pomade 75gm
  • Beard Balm 63gm
  • Deodorant stick 73gm

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