Cambro Colorware Red Tumbler 946 ml (1 Pc)

SKU: 16331

Barcode: 099511315215

1.750 JD


Product details:

Red Tumbler

Capacity: 946 ml

Diameter: 10 cm

Height: 18.4 cm

Material: Polycarbonate

Color: Red

Special features:

  • Break and Shatter Resistant
  • Stackable
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Withstands temperatures from -20° to 85°C

Provide durable and efficient plastic beverageware at your family restaurant, pizzeria, diner, cafeteria, child care center, or healthcare facility with this Cambro 3200P2156 Colorware 946 ml ruby red tumbler. Made of break and chip-resistant SAN plastic, this tumbler can handle daily use at high-volume venues. Its textured exterior guards it against visible watermarks and scratches, ensuring it maintains its immaculate appearance for years to come! This pebbled design also offers users a secure grip for steady sipping and minimized spills. Meanwhile, the smooth interior provides easy cleaning and the Sani-Rim lip presents a sanitary drinking surface with each use. Interior stacking lugs enable this tumbler to be stacked in your kitchen or near beverage dispensers for compact storage and easy access. Furthermore, these lugs provide sufficient space between each stacked tumbler, promoting even airflow and fast drying.

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