Bakers Secret 3 Pieces Pizza Stone set

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Product details:

Pizza Stone 3 Set

Size: 32.4 cm

Your Baker's Secret Essentials Pizza Stone is freezer, microwave and oven safe. Before baking, preheat the stone for 15-20 minutes. This will allow for shorter baking time and more evenly baked foods. When preparing to bake on the stone, lightly dust with cornmeal. Do not use flour, as it has a tendency to burn. Always use oven mitts and do not place stone directly on countertops or tables as heat may severely damage these surfaces. Place the stone on the serving rack. The rack allows you to bring the stone directly to the table, keeping your food warm.

Usage: Prior to first use, rinse stone and let air dry thoroughly. Never use your stone over an open flame. Avoid quick changes in temperature as this could cause the stone to crack. Never run water on hot stone. Let stone cool completely before cleaning. Never use soap to clean the stone. Do not soak stone in water or clean in dishwasher. (This will avoid a soapy aftertaste.) Allow stone to air dry completely before using again. The stone will naturally and gradually darken leaving behind some flavor or fragrance of seasonings used. This will not damage the stone.


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