Downy Infusions Refreshing Cloth Liquid Softener 48 Loads (0.96 L)

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Downy Infusions Refreshing Cloth Liquid Softener (0.96 L)

Brand: Downy

Number of pieces: 1

Origin: USA


Liquid fabric softener refreshes the scent of Downy Infusions and transforms your clothes with a mood-enhancing scent.

Breathe in the fresh, revitalizing fragrance of soda with birch water and botanicals.

The fabric softener refreshes and softens the odor for cozy, high-smelling clothing.

Safe for all washing machines and a great companion for your favorite detergent; just add a cap to each load.

For an even more stimulating scent, use with Downy Infusions to refresh perfume pearls and softening drying sheets.

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