Old Spice Shea Butter Body Wash (473 ml)

Old Spice
SKU: 11401

Barcode: 37000793427

5 JD


Product details:

Body Wash

Brand: Old Spice

Unit: Pcs

Number of Pieces: 1

Capacity: 473 ml

Use: Body

Formulation: Body Wash

Gender: Uni-Sex Old Spice Ultra Smooth Moisturizing Body and Face Wash Clean Slate

Origin: U.S.A

Product Description:

  • You know how the bark on trees always looks cracked and chapped? Imagine how great they'd look if they would just learn to moisturize. Now you can show the world that you're smarter than a tree by moisturizing with Old Spice. Moisturize with Shea Butter has berry and vanilla smells like an African plain in the dry season but moisturizes like an African plain in the wet season. Old Spice Men's Body Wash tells dirt and odor to go bother someone who hasn't cleaned with Old Spice Men's Body Wash instead. So bring the scent of your adventures home or smell like adventures you haven't ventured yet. We won't judge. Just do you, guy.

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