Downy Wrinkle Guard Fabric Conditioner (1.9 L)

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SKU: 11498

Barcode: 37000803348

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Product details:

Brand: Downy

Number of Pieces: 1

Product Use: Detergent

Formulation: Liquid

Capacity: 1.9 L

Origin: U.S.A

Product Description:

  • Enjoy all-day wrinkle protection for your clothes with Downy Anti-Wrinkle Liquid Softener. A game changer for laundry care: the anti-wrinkle fabric conditioner protects clothes from wrinkles while you wear them. This powerful anti-wrinkle formula penetrates the fibers to soften and relax the fabric, improving the flexibility and resistance of the clothes. Enjoy the same softness, freshness and Downy power against stretch, discoloration and lint. Safe to use in both HE and non-HE washers; just measure and add to the dispenser of your washing machine.

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