Vegeta Classic Grill Seasoning 30 g

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Vegeta Classic Grill Seasoning 30 g

The advantage of products from Vegeta family is that their flavors do not dominate meals, but rather enhance and round them. Before you start to BBQ, add VegetaTwist Grill to the meat and vegetables you have selected, be it juicy red meat, light turkey or chicken, fish, eggplants, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, corn... Advanced BBQ-ers will not abstain from adding Vegeta Twist Grill to their kabobs, minced-meat patties or hamburgers, while braver and more creative grill-lovers will use Vegeta Twist Grill to enhance the flavor of cheese, mushrooms... We heartily recommend Vegeta Twist Grill to all true gourmets when they pull out the BBQ.

  • Net Weight: 30 g

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