Stainmaster Stainless Steel Cleaner (384 ml)

StainmasterSKU: 42000227070-10|01

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Stainmaster Stainless steel cleaner (384 ml)

Brand: Stainmaster

Number of pieces: 1

Origin: USA


STAINMASTER Stainless steel cleaner removes greasy stains, floors, water stains, and fingerprints.

Our stain-free stainless steel cleaner blends evenly for spot touch-ups.

Quickly removes grease, water stains, and fingerprints for easy cleaning at all times.

Specially designed, non-abrasive formula that is safe for stainless steel countertops and appliances.

This 13 FL. OZ. STAINMASTER bottle stainless steel cleaner reveals the shine on stainless steel.

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