Sugar Bowl and Lid (Gold) 1 Pc

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Wisteria by DimlajSKU: 6251142394142-43466-99|02

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Product details:

(Gold) Sugar Bowl and Lid

SKU: 43466

Capacity: 310cc

Length: 120Bowl /105Cover

Diameter: 120Bowl /105Cover

Height: 67Bowl / 55Cover

Material: Glass

Color/s: (Gold)

Origin: Jordan

Special features:

  • High Quality Craftsmanship, Real Precious Materials - Gold, Platinum and Silver

CARE INSTRUCTIONS -Do not use in dishwasher. -Do not use in microwave. -Crystal, Glass and Porcelain should be hand washed separately in warm soapy water, rinsed thoroughly and dried with a soft cloth. -The finely made rims are the most fragile part of your product. Do not turn upside down while drying or storing. -Stemware should be held by the stem in order to avoid stress on the bowl of a piece. -Users should take care not to pour extremely hot or extremely cold liquids directly into glassware, as this can cause breakage or cracking.

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