Ibn Sina Silicone Heel Cup

Ibn Sina
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Ibn Sina Silicone Heel Cup

The silicone heel cup is made of medical grade silicone material. The silicone will maintain soft, pliable and can provide long lasting support for the foot. It is skin-friendly and odor free. It can absorb shock during walking and running, and reduce the impact on the heel, joints, and back. The blue spot insert of heel cup is softer and can relieve the pain and pressure on the sensitive area, plantar fascia especially. The slight sticky surface can keep the inner place of the shoe firmly. It is also effective to relieve pain from indication of knee and back pain, fat pad atrophy, heel spurs. The heel cup is easy to wash and suitable for most footwear.

  • Absorb shock and help to prevent heel pain.
  • Medical grade silicone.
  • Blue cushioning zone with extra soft, reducing stress and irritation.
  • Easy to wash and fit most shoes.


S 35-37 22-23.5

M 38-40 24-25.5

L 41-43 26-28

XL 44-46 28.5-30

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