Jaf Tea Green Tea Natural 100 Tea Bags

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Green Tea Natural

From the southern regions of China where climate and landscape achieve perfect harmony for the growing of green tea, this delightful natural variety is distinguished by its perfect balance of light body, fresh aroma and mellow taste. Take time out to gently steep the tea in 90-degree water, breathing in the uplifting aroma and unwinding in a moment of pure peace.

The Pursuit of Excellence

For over 70 years we have expertly crafted some of the world's finest tea blends, building a reputaion across the globe for superb quality and exceptional taste.
Each week our master tasters carefully select the finest teas on earth to ensure that you receive a truly sensational tea experience.
The leaves used to produce our teas are handpicked, selecting mainly the topmost two leaves and tender bud to enhance flacour and strength. Within days of harvesting, they are packed in Sri Lanka to preserve the freshness of these premium teas.

  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Brewing Instructions: 1 tea bag for 200 ml of water. Steep for 3-5 minutes at 90° C.
  • Net Weight: 200 g
  • Number of Envelopes: 100 Tea bags
  • Best use before: 01/06/2021

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