Dimello Filter Ground Coffee for Professionals 500g

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SKU: 5205800003847-37|02

Barcode: 5205800003847

10.450 JD 13.900 JD


Rich aromatic blend of selected varieties of superior quality coffee for refined filter coffee. The product is produced and packaged in a state-of-the-art coffee processing unit under strict quality controls. Packed in a protective atmosphere, it is intended for professional use only.

Recommended brewing dosage for professional machine (10 cups Dimello 180 ml) • 80gr Dimello filter coffee (10 regular tablespoons) • 1.8lt water (1 jug)

  • Net Weight: 500g
  • Each pack of 500g Dimello filter coffee yields about 62 cups of Dimello 180ml.
  • Best use before: 01/06/2021

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