Story Pink Himalayan Salt Exfoliating Bar Soap-150G

SKU: 12762

Barcode: 6253807960051

5.800 JD


Pink Himalayan Salt Soap:

Detox your energy and elevate your vibes with our pinkish Himalayan salt soap. In contrast to a normal soap, which extracts moisture from the skin, Story soap allows salt to be stored in the upper callous layer of the skin and binds water. This maintains the natural, protective film of the skin so it will not dry out. In addition to Himalayan salt it is composed with delicate formula and best selected ingredients such as natural Olive oil, Grape seeds oil and Vitamin-E. Story soap is not only great for detoxification and relaxation, but also incredibly healing for dry skin.

Wright: 150G


  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Olive Oil  
  • Grape seeds oil
  • Vitamin-e

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