Dr. Oetker by Zenker Springform Deluxe With Flat Base- BlackMetallic

Zenker & Dr. OetkerSKU: 4044935070000-7000-54|01

25 JD


Product details:

Brand: Zenker & Dr. Oetker

Origin: Germany

Product Description:

Springform with enamelled flat base 26cm, leak-proof, Deluxe, ring: steel with coating/Ilag Premium, flat base: Diamant-Emaille, ca.Ø275 (with leakproof)x80mm, Extra high springform rim of 8cm height, enamelled base cut-, scratch and dishwashersafe, saved baking time about 30%, nonstick coating for easy demoulding, easy cleaning by hand wash, Made in Germany, black metallic

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