Pasabahce DIONY Tumbler Set - 6 Pcs

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Pasabahce "DIONY" Tumbler Set - 6 Pcs

  • Brand: Pasabahce
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Transparent

Boost your beverage service and provide your guests with an ideal drinking experience with this Pasabahce Diony highball glass. With the faceted, ornate design of vintage glasses, this glass is perfect for any high-end restaurant, bar, banquet hall, or catered event. The bottom of its bowl is beautifully faceted, with gentle lines leading to its mouth. This glass is ideal for serving your signature cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks alike. Plus, its crystal-clear design enables excellent product visibility in order to showcase your specialty drinks

Overall Dimensions:

Diony Volume: 345 cc, Height: 142 mm, Mouth Diameter: 77 mm, Base Diameter: 38 mm


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