Emile Henry Storage Jar - 0,5L / 0.5Lb (Clay)

Emile HenrySKU: 3289310287432-EH028743-54|01

24 JD


Product details:


Weight : 0,75kg

Length : 13,5cm

Height : 8cm

Maximum Temperature  : 270°C

Max Capacity  : 0,6L

Description :

Our airtight storage jars will protect the contents from the air and light in order keep their flavours and colours. Make your own Fine Food selection, for spices, dried herbs, tea, coffee or you can even keep jam in these attractive pots. The 3 sizes (300ml, 500ml and 1L) are vertically stackable to save space on the kitchen counter or in your cupboard. Each jar has blank labels inside, which you can use to indicate the contacts. Available in 7 different colours, you can mix and match to make your own colour combination ! They can be used in the fridge, oven or microwave (without the lid). All Emile Henry products are made in France and offer a ten years guarantee.

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