Emile Henry Oven Dish Lids (Burgundy)

Emile HenrySKU: 3289313400524-EH340052-54|01

34 JD


Product details:


Weight : 1,050kg

Length : 35cm

Width : 22cm

Height : 3cm

Maximum Temperature :  270°C

Description :

The Emile Henry ceramic lids add a lot of functionnalities to the €˜Ultime€™ Dishes:  In the oven to BAKE a moist recipe, or to STEAM-COOK (also said cook €˜à l€™étouffée).  On the kitchen counter, or at table, to KEEP WARM before and after service  In the fridge, to STORE leftovers without the need for foil nor plastic wrap, and without food transferring. Or in the fridge to keep the contents cool prior to baking it. HR® ceramic goes fromthe fridge to the oven.

Ultra flat and thin, the €˜Ultime€™ Dish Lids fit perfectly and harmoniously on the the dishes. Together they look elegant at table. The branded knob is stylish and easy to grab securely. Also flat, it allows to stack another dish on top. During service, set the lid upside down, resting on the knob, to keep the table clean.

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