Emile Henry Small Oval Oven Dish (Blue Flame)

Emile HenrySKU: 3289319790506-EH979050-54|01

23 JD


Product details:

Color:Blue Flame

Weight :0,92kg

Length : 27,5cm

Width : 17,5cm

Height : 7cm

Maximum Temperature : 270°C

Max Capacity : 1,3L

Description :

The generous lines and upturned handles make the Emile Henry Oval dish ideal for the elegant serving of gratins and roasted meat €¦ The large handles make for easy handling and transfering from the oven directly to the table. The HR® ceramic (High Resistance) ensures that the heat is diffused evenly for controlled cooking and excellent resistance to changes in temperature, allowing the dish to go straight from the freezer to a hot oven (-20°C / +270°C). The Oval dish can also be used in the microwave and under the grill up to 270°C. The highly resistant glaze protects from scratches and chipping, and everyday cleaning in the dishwasher. Made in France, this product is guaranteed 10 years.

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