Emile Henry Large Oval Oven Dish (Blue Flame)

Emile HenrySKU: 3289319790544-EH979054-54|01

46 JD


Product details:

Color:Blue Flame

Weight :2,2kg

Length : 41,5cm

Width : 26,5cm

Height : 9cm

Maximum Temperature : 270°C

Max Capacity : 3,8L

Description :

The Large Emile Henry Oval dish, with its elegant, generous lines, is ideal for family meals. The HR® ceramic (High Resistance) diffuses the heat evenly and right to the centre, for cooking gratins, tians and roasted meat. The ceramic maintains the heat for longer, so the dish keeps the contents hot right until the end of the meal. The large capacity also allows to cook large quantities, but it remains easy to manipulate thanks to the large handles. Resistant and durable, it can be used in the traditional oven, under the grill, and also for reheating in the microwave. Made in France, this product is guaranteed 10 years.

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