Kleaner Microfiber Cloths 8 pcs

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Kleaner Microfiber Cloths 8 pcs

  • Length: 30 cm
  • Width: 30 cm
  • Brand: Kleaner
  • Product Type: Kitchen Cloth
  • Can be used either damp or dry
  • When damp, the fibers hace micro-grooves that increase the surface area acting like "a magnet" for dust, dirt and liquids
  • When dry, cleans more efficient than normal cloths because of static charge from the ultra fine fibres that attract the dust
  • Use and care:
    • Rinse before and after each use, especially if used with cleanser
    • Squeeze to dry after use and put it at the place with well ventilation to make it dry
    • Do not use detergent that contains fabric softener or bleach

Made in China

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