Omron C 301 Duo Baby Nebulizer

OmronSKU: OMR-C-301-E-4015672110342-20|01

65 JD


The OMRON DuoBaby is a unique 2-in-1 compressor nebulizer with integrated, patented, nasal aspirator that can help treat the most common respiratory conditions of babies. The nasal aspirator gently cleans the baby’s nose, reducing congestion4 and allowing the baby to breathe freely. The nebulizer enables efficient medication delivery to the upper and lower airways. 2-in-1 Nebulizer with Nasal Aspirator. DuoBaby The combined use of the nasal aspirator and nebulizer is clinically proven for: fewer symptomatic days, shorter symptomatic episodes and reduced medication usage (salbutamol)4 Nasal aspirator: Gently clears the nose Combined nebulizer for an effective treatment of upper and lower airways Clinically proven results in treatment efficiency Especially developed for babies

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