Rose Coffee & Tea Pink Flask 1.0 L

RoseSKU: 6971703720998-RS-1515-10-A10-33|02

17.350 JD


Product Specifications:

This amazing product is made of the best and healthiest type of plastic, chosen specially for a safe usage contacting food and drinks directly.

As well as it's built internally from the purest type of glass (free of harmful Asbestos).


- Fill the thermos up to maximum of 3cm below the glass neck 

- Don't put any solid objects inside the thermos

- Don't put ice cubes inside the thermos to avoid internal glass breakage

- Don't use it with dairy products or infant's food or soda drinks 

- Not microwave safe 

- Not dishwasher safe 

- After some time of usage, the thermos base might need to be tightened

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